Ed’s recipe for homemade Windex cleaner

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My Dad swears by his recipe for homemade Windex (for cleaning
windows, mirrors, counter tops, etc.) and he suggested I post it on here. As far as cleaners go, it’s not exactly “green” like vinegar or baking soda concoctions, but it does work really well and is very cost effective.

Ed’s Recipe for Homemade Windex – Makes 1 Gallon

    Mix 1 cup of ammonia
    1 pint of rubbing alcohol
    1 tablespoon of hand dishwashing liquid (do not use more or streaking may result)
    Top with with enough water to make 1 gallon

He makes it in an old laundry detergent container (a recycled gallon milk jug would also work) which he then uses to refill an old Windex (or equivalent) spray dispenser. What cracks me up is that I have seen my Dad use a couple drops of food coloring in it, so it actually looks like Windex. Sometimes, he reminds me a little of the father in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, who thought Windex was the cure for everything. I say that with affection (especially since I know he will read this). He even uses it to clean his 25+ year old Scandanavian Design teak dining room table. The wood finish is surprisingly still in pretty good shape.

Here is an estimate of the savings (if I got the math wrong, my Dad would certainly let me know).

Brand name Windex for sale price this week at Walgreen’s
$3.00 64 oz. (2 32 oz./$5 with mail in rebate brings down it to 2/$3)*
.42 stamp to mail in rebate
$ 3.42 for 64 oz.*
$ 5.00 for 64 .oz* (if you don’t submit the rebate)

Cost of ingredients for Ed’s recipe:
.75 16 oz. rubbing alcohol (based on $1.50/32 oz. sale price at Walgreens)
.19 8 oz. ammonia (based on $1.50/64 oz. sale price at Longs)
.05 1 T (.5 oz.) Dawn (based on .99/11 .oz sale price at Walgreens)
$ .99 cents for 64 oz.*

* No additional manufacturers coupons were factored into this cost analysis nor was any state sales tax

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I was so excited my daughter-in-law had given me homemade laundry detergent that I love and will no longer be purchasing laundry detergent from the store any longer this homemade concoction is fantastic. So it got me thinking about other cleaners to make at home and that is how I stumbled upon Ed’s recipe for window cleaner. I must say I was a bit hesitant, as I have never found anything that cleans mirrors etc. as well as I would like. Well I just cleaned a very stubborn and large mirror with Ed’s cleaner and It has never been this clean and streak free. I am super impressed and need to get back to cleaning all our mirrors because I am loving the sparkle!! Thanks Ed.

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