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Download Jean Chatzky’s New Book The Difference for Free

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Click here to download The Difference by Jean Chatzky

On Friday, March 13, 2009, Jean Chatzky will offer her new financial book, The Difference, as a free download for 24 hours exclusively on The book will be available for download from 11 a.m. ET Friday until 10:59 a.m. ET Saturday, March 14. Come back on Friday for your free copy!

What can The Difference teach you?

  • The top five things you can do to not just survive but thrive during tough times
  • The eight things that make The Difference (i.e., the key traits and abilities of people who describe themselves as financially free)
  • Advice for those having job insecurity as well as strategies for finding a job
  • Why money doesn’t breed happiness—but happiness can breed money
  • The direct connection between The Difference and your health
  • How people who know The Difference make a difference for others
  • Myths and facts about the wealthy
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Flattery will get you freebies in the mail

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I can attest to the strategy in this news article working and I use it.  I  received multiple $1.00 off coupons for one complimentary email to customer service about  Aidell’s mango-ginger sausages,  free cat food, and Snapple coupons for raving about their diet Cran-Raspberry juice.  Making an organized list of products and 800 phone numbers to be proactive  is a great idea!

— The BudgetMaven

Flattery can get you freebies in the mail

By Spencer Soper
The Morning Call (Allentown, Pa.)
Posted: 03/03/2009 11:44:44 AM PST

Do you like free stuff?

Of course you do.

Well, we have a great tip on how to get free stuff, or at least some coupons.

Here’s the tip from a closet coupon collector:

“People buy things at the grocery store and if you have a constructive comment to the people who make the food or the product, call the toll-free number on the product and compliment them,” our tipster said. “Typically, the companies will give you coupons or a complimentary. You really get some nice coupons in the mail.”

This is brilliant. Especially since the people answering the phones are surely inundated with calls from angry people complaining that, “there was a severed finger in my canned peaches,” or “the wrapper said 1,000 sheets of toilet paper and I only counted 999½.”

So we rummaged through the fridge and the cupboards, wrote down some phone numbers, and made some calls.

Think of something constructive to tell them. For instance, we told the makers of Irish Spring soap to change the product’s name to “Global Spring,” to gain broader ethnic appeal.

A few days later the coupons started showing up in the mailbox. A free pack of Irish Spring soap worth up to $2.99. Thirty cents off Krusteaz pancake mix. A buck off two containers of Hellman’s mayonnaise.

We got a total of $25.94 in coupons. Even better, they’re for products we actually use.

Don’t be a glutton and call every day. But if you followed this tip once a year for 20 years and used all the coupons, you’d save more than $500.

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Article: Jean Chatzky on ‘The Difference’ Between You and the Rich

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Some people seem to move relatively easily from paycheck to paycheck into comfort or wealth, while others get stuck or worse, fall back. What are the attributes and abilities that set them apart? Do they exhibit common behaviors and personalities? In her new book, “The Difference,” financial expert Jean Chatzky lays out the four types of people that make up today’s economic strata in America, and shares tips on how people can move up to being financially comfortable or even wealthy.

To read the complete article, click here

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FedEx Office Provides Free Resume Printing on March 10 Strives to Help Individuals Affected by Downturn of the Economy

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FedEx Office, formerly FedEx Kinko’s, is offering free resume printing, up to 25 copies, free on Tuesday, March 10, for those of you who want to take advantage of their offer.

The full press release may be found at

FedEx Office Provides Free Resume Printing on March 10
Strives to Help Individuals Affected by Downturn of the Economy

DALLAS, March 4, 2009—FedEx Office (formerly FedEx Kinko’s), an operating company of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), today announced plans to offer its printing services in an effort to help job seekers across the nation. The company will host “FedEx Office Free Resume Printing Day” on March 10, 2009, offering to print up to 25 copies of each customer’s resume for free.

As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor, the nation’s unemployment rate rose to 7.6 percent and the number of unemployed persons increased to 11.6 million in January 2009. With so many people looking to get their printed resumes in the hands of recruiters and hiring managers, FedEx Office is prepared to help.

The company invites customers to take advantage of this one-day event by visiting any of its 1,600+ FedEx Office Print and Ship Centers in the United States during regular business hours. This offer is good for 25 black-and-white resume copies per customer and is only valid for orders placed and picked up in-store. Customers may place orders by submitting their resume in printed format or as a digital file, and the copies will be printed single-sided on resume-quality paper.

“We understand that the economy has affected many people in a very profound way, and we want to help,” said Brian Philips, president and CEO of FedEx Office. “Printing resumes is one small way we can use our resources to help those who need it.”

To find the nearest FedEx Office Print and Ship Center, visit or call 1-800-Go-FedEx (1-800-463-3339).

About FedEx Office
FedEx Office (formerly FedEx Kinko’s) provides access points to
printing and shipping expertise with reliable service when and where
you need it. The Dallas-based company has a global network of more  than 1,900 digitally-connected locations. FedEx Office services include copying and digital printing, professional finishing, document creation, direct mail, signs and graphics, Internet access, computer rental, FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipping, and more. In addition, the company offers FedEx OfficeSM Print Online, an online printing solution for business and personal printing, at home, at the office or on the go. Products, services and hours vary by location.

For more information, please visit
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Article: Slash Your Property Tax

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Slash Your Property Tax

By Lisa Scherzer
Feb 25th, 2009

From Broward County, Fla., to Flint , Mich., homeowners might be facing exorbitant hikes in property taxes.  In one of the more extreme cases, residents of West New York, N.J., are fighting a planned 27% bump in their property tax rates.

Squeezed by foreclosures and falling revenues, many local governments are facing unprecedented budget shortfalls. To fill some of the gap, more municipalities will have to raise property taxes, says Sharon McCabe, associate director of the Graaskamp Center for Real Estate at the University of Wisconsin.

While homeowners would have a hard time fighting the local government on such increases (although West New York residents are certainly trying to), there are ways to reduce the impact of the hit.

Like most homeowners, your property’s value has most likely fallen off a cliff over the past year. If your assessment is based on a higher valuation from several years ago, it’s probably time to get it reassessed, says Stuart Gabriel, director of the Ziman Center for Real Estate at UCLA. The end result could save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Here are a few things to consider before seeking a reassessment:

1.  Understand Your Town’s Methodology
2.  You Can Do it Yourself
3.  Check for Mistakes
4.  Check Out Similar Sales

For the complete article, click here

If your home has declined below its assessed value, you can apply for a tax reduction.  By law the county assessor must check to see if you are correct and even if the assessor denies your application, you can file an appeal.
Specific to the state of California, the California State of Equalization web site has some videos to walk you through the process of preparing and presenting your Assessment Appeal of your Property Tax Assessment at your county Board of Equalization or Assessment Appeals Board.

The video segments viewable on the link above include:


Decline In Market Value

Base Year Value

Reassessment After Calamity

Escape Assessment And Roll Changes

Filling Out The Application

Preparing For Your Hearing

Your Hearing


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