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Target sponsoring FREE Admission Passes to Museums Across U.S.

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Free Admission Passes To Museums Across The Country
Target is sponsoring free entry to select museums and activities on certain days in Arizona, California, Colorado, D.C., Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington

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Coupon code for 5 FREE games, books, and activities from KidThing!

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kidthing is a secure internet-based global learning platform for children, parents, teachers, family and friends. This is an awesome program to keep kids busy over the summer.  kidthing is kind of like iTunes for kids.  You download the free digital player onto your desktop from and then once you start it, you just go to the store and add the products you want.

If you put the code ktpromo-summerfun into the search field of the store,  it’ll bring up 5 free products – just add them to your cart, and then go through the checkout process – you won’t be charged for them.  If you check back every week through the summer, they’re going to have new products each week.

One Mom I know says, “My son loves kidthing – he asks to go on it all the time – and I think we’re going to be able to build up a really good stock of games and activities for him this summer – all for free!”

kidthing’s proprietary distribution, publishing, and social networking platform provides a safe, ad-free, environment that insulates young children from the Internet. kidthing’s free, downloadable, digital media player integrates purchased content from the kidthing online store with personal media in custom mixes that can be shared. Parents can preview and purchase learning and entertainment content, create custom mixes of kidthing and personal content and make their children the “star” with content that can be personalized. Children can play kidthing content offline. Personalized content and custom play mixes can be shared among friends and family through private sharing communities in the kidthing environment.

“Today’s children are growing up in a high-tech, connected world, and are exposed to the Internet at younger ages than ever. The Internet is a part of everyday life, but it isn’t a safe place for young kids.” stated Larry Hitchcock, kidthing’s CEO. “kidthing is Internet technology, but it isn’t browser based, nor a white-list tool. It’s a secure, safe environment for kids to explore, learn and share; and parents can be confident that their children aren’t one click away from the open Internet.” kidthing’s professional open publishing platform enables content owners, authors and publishers to offer their digital content for sale throughout the world at the kidthing store, allowing kidthing to offer a wide variety of learning content available in multiple languages including digital books, games, videos, and music. kidthing content is inexpensive, starting as low as $0.99, making kidthing accessible to a broad international audience.

About kidthing:

kidthing delivers the next generation Internet-based learning environment through its proprietary distribution, publishing and social networking platform. kidthing provides a safe, ad-free, global learning environment that insulates children from the World Wide Web. Parents and teachers can purchase, customize and personalize content for kids and can share this in private sharing groups. Publishers and content creators around the world can make their works available in the kidthing store in an enhanced electronic format.

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Create Your Own Printable Personalized Coupons for FREE

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Select from the coupons here to send or print out and give as a gift.  There are many cute ideas  for low or no money fun and thoughtful ways to show someone (romantic or platonic) you care whatever their love language:

Acts of Service –  like Personal slave for One Night coupon or offer to walk their dog or run personal errands

Quality Time – like a romantic dinner prepared or enjoy a FREE concert coupon

Touch – like a FREE foot rub or back massage

Words of Affirmation – how about a FREE advice or Win An Argument coupon?

Gifts –  FREE  shopping coupon or FREE tickets to a ball game

Just in time for Father’s Day!

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Recipe for low cost, low calorie Thai Yellow curry with Shiratake Tofu noodles and vegetables*

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There is a noodle house near where I live that makes a delicious but high calorie yellow curry with thick Shanghai noodles and vegetables. The entree comes in a large bowl and is about $9.00 (before tax and tip).  So I made up my own version of the recipe that is very tasty, healthy, low calorie and low cost  (about the same price as in the restaurant, but you get approximately 6 generous servings.)
1 13.5 oz can lite coconut milk (280 cals for the entire can, .99 cents)
1 T red curry paste  (I use Thai Kitchen – 25 cals/T)
2 T fish sauce
2 large cloves garlic minced
2 T minced ginger
1 can 99% fat free chicken or vegetable stock
1 T vegetable oil (e.g., canola)
1-1.5 lbs boneless breast of chicken cut into bite size pieces (optional if you want to stay vegetarian/vegan)
1 cup of sliced onions/leeks/scallions (your preference)
3 8 oz. packages  Tofu Shirataki noodles, spaghetti or fettucini style (An entire package has only 40 calories. That’s only 20 calories per 4 oz. serving, and it is low carb and vegan.  I bought mine at Whole Foods for $1.39 each.)
2 cups chopped bok choy or baby bok choy (shredded Napa or Chinese cabbage works well too*)
2 cups green beans chopped into bite size pieces
2 cups sliced red, yellow and/or orange pepper
1/2 – 1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes (depending on how much heat you like)
1 large carrot sliced
1 large zucchini sliced
1-2 large sweet potatoes cut into chunks
fresh cilantro/coriander leaves, chopped for garnish/to add on top
* you can add or exchange with almost any vegetable you like that is in season/on sale, e.g., broccoli, cauliflower, yellow summer squash, etc.
Cooking Instructions
1.  If you’re making this with chicken, chop and brown the chicken in 1 T vegetable oil. Then add the onions, garlic, ginger and red pepper flakes and sautee.  I like to make this recipe in a wok.
2.  Add the coconut milk, fish sauce, stock and let simmer.  If you like a little more sweet with your heat, add 1-3 tsp of sweetener to taste  (honey, sugar, agave nectar, splenda, etc.)
3.  Add the root vegetables that need a longer cook time. Then add the other vegetables.
4.  Rinse the tofu noodles very well under cold running water and let drain in a colander.
5.  Add the noodles and let simmer for about 2-3 minutes.
6.  Ladle into serving bowls and top with fresh chopped cilantro/coriander leaves
This recipe makes 6 good size portions at only about 300 calories per satisfying serving.  Enjoy!
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Article from EverydayHealth – Top 10 Budget-Friendly Foods (Healthy Ones!)

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Top 10 Budget-Friendly Foods (Healthy Ones!)

Tightening your belt these days? You don’t have to cut back on healthy foods as you’re trimming your family food budget! Here are 10 top picks for economical and delicious healthy foods

1. Oats

2. Healthy Frozen Mixed-Vegetable Blends

3. Fresh Fruit: Bananas, Apples, and Oranges

4. Lentils

5. Beans (Canned or Dried)

6. Peanut Butter

7. Canned Salmon

8. Fat-Free Yogurt

9. Eggs

10. Sweet Potatoes

I’m happy to say these are all a part of my regular diet, though I should try to eat beans and lentils more often.

For the complete article, click here


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The Oprah Winfrey Show/KFC Grilled Chicken Two-Piece Meal Coupon

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The Oprah Winfrey Show/Kentucky Grilled Chicken Two-Piece Meal Coupon

Kentucky Grilled Chicken

Get two pieces of grilled chicken, two individual sides and a biscuit!

Limited Time Download
Coupon download available from 9 a.m. CDT on May 5, 2009, to 11:59 p.m. CDT on May 6, 2009. Coupon is redeemable at participating KFC® locations in the United States from May 5, 2009 to May 19, 2009—excluding Mother’s Day, May 10, 2009.

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How My Friend Elyse Stayed at the Ritz-Carlton in Jamaica for FREE by Teaching Yoga Classes

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I met my friend Elyse about 15 years ago at a health club in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  She was my aerobics instructor and we also became workout buddies.  Her warm, friendly personality clicked with mine and when I found out Elyse also had a career in high tech marketing, I knew we would become good friends. I was even a bridesmaid at her wedding.

Elyse has her own PR consultancy.  One of the things I have long admired about Elyse is her ability to juggle and balance all the aspects of her life – her busy career, her husband and two kids, her extended family and friendships, and time to take care of herself.   She is very organized and efficient so she finds ways to combine her lifestyle and interests whenever possible.  For example, she teaches yoga and spinning classes at her local healthclub in the suburbs a few days a week and her entire family of four enjoys a free club membership.

In February, Elyse went on a fabulous week long vacation to Jamaica with her family without spending a lot of money.  They were even able to stay at the Ritz-Carlton Golf & Spa Resort in Rose Hall for free.  How, you ask?   Elyse signed up at a website called which facilitates the exchange of services between specialty professionals and numerous all-inclusive resorts and vacation destinations.  Resort locations currently include the Caribbean, Brazil and Mexico.

The website helped match her skills as a certified yoga and fitness instructor with resorts that offer teaching opportunities in exchange for a comped (i.e., free) room for Elyse and one guest (kids under 12 at no additional charge).  In this case, she also received a $150 daily food allowance which they usually used for dinners. Another way they saved money was by shopping at the local market and using the fridge in their room.  They were also able to use frequent flyer miles for 3 of the 4 tickets to Jamaica.

The teaching contract was for 3 one hour classes a day, 7 days, Sunday – Sunday. Elyse taught 2 classes each morning, a core training for abs and and back, and then a vinyasa flow yoga class and was done teaching by 10:00 am.  She also taught another yoga class at 5:00 pm.  She had the bulk of each day to spend with her family.  Elyse was able to swap classes with another visiting instructor to have a full afternoon free to go on a longer day trip, to  Ocho Rios and Dunn’s River Falls.  They saved money on the day trip by negotiating a flat fee with a local taxi driver and hired him for the day, which also gave them much greater flexibility over the tour bus option.

Elyse said it was one of their best family vacations  and the first one she has taken where she ate really well but didn’t gain any weight.  Click here to see photos of Elyse teaching her yoga class outside overlooking the beach and some from their vacation in beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Kind of inspires me to want to go get certified in something.  You should register on the site if you are any of the following:

CEC Provider Chiropractor
Club/Studio Operator Dietician
Fitness Enthusiast GFI & Yoga Combo
Golf Pro Grp Fitness Inst.
Health/Fitness Biz Masseuse
Nurse Personal Trainer
Squash Pro Tennis Instructor
Yoga / Pilates
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Visit your local Staples store for FREE 20 resume copies and 40 business cards

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Visit your local Staples store for FREE 20 resume copies and 40 business cards.

Offer valid in store. April 26, 2009 – June 13, 2009

Find a Staples store near you

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25 Free Google Profiles Business Cards

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25 Free Google Profiles Business Cards

No charge for printing or for shipping compliments of Google.

Step 1  Create a profile here first

Step 2  Then go to and checkout

first 10k

If you get “not found” for the second link go back to your profile page and there should be a link to get the cards on the top of there once you’ve added a little bit more to your profile.

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